Active Town Tralee Launch

Tralee is one of 9 towns across Ireland to be awarded the Active Travel Town status. Kerry County Council applied for and has been granted 1.3million from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTT&S) to deliver the initiative in Tralee Town.

The aim of this programme is to transform the town of Tralee into a Smarter and Active Travel Area, incorporating cycling, walking and public transport into our everyday lives, to school, college or work and reduce our dependency on car travel. The programme is the integration of a behavioural change campaign and the development of infrastructure to support the move from the car to more sustainable transport modes.



In broad terms, the project aims to:

  • improved cycling and walk ways, including safe routes to, schools, the 3rd level institute and key business and workplace zones;
  • introduce traffic calming measure in the town centre;
  • promote school and workplace travel planning;
  • encourage car sharing;


One of the central developments for the success of the Active Travel project is the Town Centre. The centre will form the heart of the project during the two year programme for active transport.


This is a very exciting project for Tralee Town.

For further information is available here


The Active Travel Team is now in place and it is our challenge to engage with the people of Tralee, working together to re-establish the default choice for travelling and move away from the dependence on the car. We hope that the people of Tralee will engage with the Active Travel Town programme at every available opportunity and put Tralee firmly on the Map as Ireland's leading Active Travel Town.  Please feel free to contact us.