Car Sharing is also known as lift-sharing, car-pooling or ride-sharing. You can Car Share on any journey you make - getting to work, doing the weekly shop, taking the children to school, going to the match at the weekend, travelling to a festival or wedding, or any trip where you would normally drive alone.

  • Saves you money
    - You will be sharing the costs of commuting, parking and tolls.
  • For some journeys, you might also find that using public transport, walking or cycling are good options to reduce costs and get more active.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint - It's much more energy efficient than driving a car alone.
  • Reduces stress - Being a passenger in a car can be less stressful than driving every day.
  • Is more sociable – Car Sharing can be a nice way of getting to know new people.
  • Reduces congestion - Using a car together means fewer single-occupant cars on the road.

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